Ms. Noalani Terry created an Index for my recent book (2021), Historic South Caicos, Turks and Caicos Islands--over 400 pages of narrative and photographs spanning several centuries. She did a superlative job. She professionally placed each important name, topic, date, and event appropriately in a lengthy but convenient and conceptually clear Index. No small accomplish given the labyrinth of topics, dates, locations, names, and more related to South Caicos. I cannot imagine my book without Ms. Terry's exemplary Index. I highly recommend her services.
- Christian Buys


“Noalani did an excellent job on the index for my book, Days on the Family Farm. She is very skilled, reliable, prompt, and turned in a product that was just exactly what I needed. If you need an index, don't hesitate to contact Noalani!”
Carrie Meyer, Associate Professor of Economics at George Mason University


“I don’t envy the professional indexer. Indexes are tricky, subjective beasts with each author having his/her own personal preferences and expectations. Heading into each new project, the cards are most definitely stacked against the indexer. With that in mind, it speaks volumes that Ashgate [US office closed 2015] has used Noalani’s services regularly since we first contracted her more than three years ago. She is thorough in her treatment of each book and professional in her interactions with all collaborators. It’s my pleasure to recommend her to anyone in need of a top-notch index.”
Seth Hibbert, Content Manager at Let's Grow Kids, former Senior Editor, Ashgate Publishing


"Noalani Terry provided a professional index and bibliography for my wide - ranging non-fiction book Culturequake. Noalani has strong indexing experience, worked on schedule, and on budget. Thank you Noalani."
Chuck Burr, Author


“Actually I am beginning to realise how wonderful this list is---I can see the scope and the detail of my book at a glance! This is something that cannot be done by a search function. I really appreciate it. …. I think I am very lucky that you are my indexer - this index is revealing -- a lazy reader can grasp what is the point in my book just reading through the index!!”
Saeko Yoshikawa, Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, Japan
Author of William Wordsworth and the Invention of Tourism, 1820-1900


“Finished going over your wonderful index.
It is perfect!!
I love the way it is laid out
and the information so clearly given. Really appreciate all your work. Thank You!”
Diana Kenney, Co-author, How Cancer Transformed Our Lives


“Wow, this is fabulous work, Noalani. I appreciate that you really understood the principles and could draw out the important points.”
Judith Boice,  ND, L.Ac., 
Author of The Green Medicine Chest


“I also want to let to let you know how great it was to work with Noalani as an indexer. She was thorough and fast, even with chapters that were quite theoretical so not the easiest to index. We went quickly back and forth several times about small things, and worked them out easily.”
Merry Wiesner-Hanks
Distinguished Professor and Chair, Department of History
Editor-in-Chief, Cambridge World History