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Noalani Terry, MLS, MIA
Professional Indexer
Edmonton, Kentucky

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Indexing Services

A quality index is vital to every serious publication. Potential purchasers often examine a non-fiction book’s index even before looking at the text or a book review when deciding whether or not a publication meets their needs.

I provide back-of-the book, journal, and database indexes according to the highest professional standards. I develop appropriate, consistent, precise, and accurate main entries, subentries, and cross-references arranged in easily recognizable and searchable order reflecting the author’s presentation of the contents.

Author suggestions are welcome, and I am happy to explain why some of them may need to be re-worked according to professional indexing guidelines. I am committed to my clients, creating on-time quality indexes that meet their specific requirements, such as style and page limits.

Indexers generally work from final pdf proofs. If there are changes in the text or the index needs to be edited to accommodate space requirements, they should be made by the indexer using the professional indexing software that saves time and catches any problems with a specific change affecting other parts of the index. Minor changes may not incur extra costs, but the cost of major revisions may need to be negotiated.

Indexing Rates

Rates depend on many factors because books vary in depth and complexity. The type of book (trade books are less than scholarly texts), subject matter, intended audience, and amount of text on a page need to be considered. It is extremely helpful to have sample pages of the text to be indexed in advance of setting the rate. The usual charges are $3.00 to $6.00 for each page indexed, but this may be higher or lower depending on the various characteristics mentioned above. Rush jobs would also cost more.

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Noalani Terry, MLS, MIA
Professional Indexer and Taxonomist
Edmonton, Kentucky
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