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History & International Affairs

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Public Policy, Natural Resources, and Environmental Economics

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Holistic Health & Complementary Medicine

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Literature, Art and Music

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Spirituality and Religion

Collins, Kristen and Matthew Fisher, eds. St. Albans and the Markyate Psalter: Seeing and Reading in Twelfth-Century England. Kalamazoo, MI: Medieval Institute Publications, 2017.

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Database & Periodical Indexing

Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, Year-end indexes, 2007-2009.

American Polarity Therapy Association Newsletter, Cumulative Index, 1986-2013.

The Foundation Center, New York, NY, 2014-present. Indexing and researching grants for online database.

Joint World Bank/International Monetary Fund Library, Washington, DC, 1996-2008. Indexed over 24,000 English and foreign language articles and papers for inclusion in the online catalog.


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