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Noalani Terry, MLS, MIA
Professional Indexer
Montrose, Colorado

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Professional Indexer Noalani Terry

My Specialties:

  • History
  • Geography and travel
  • Natural resources
  • Holistic health

I also have indexing expertise in environmental economics, international affairs, and English literature, especially in historical contexts. I am especially enthusiastic about music, dance, theater, children’s books, and languages.

General Qualifications

My customer-service experience as a professional librarian for adults and children enables me to zero in on the information a reader is seeking. The goal is enabling users to find just what they need or want, whether in a library, a book, or other information sources.

More about my Services

Contact Information

I may be contacted by email at or phone at 970-596-7642 (cell).

“I don’t envy the professional indexer. Indexes are tricky, subjective beasts with each author having his/her own personal preferences and expectations. Heading into each new project, the cards are most definitely stacked against the indexer. With that in mind, it speaks volumes that Ashgate [US office closed 2015] has used Noalani’s services regularly since we first contracted her more than three years ago. She is thorough in her treatment of each book and professional in her interactions with all collaborators. It’s my pleasure to recommend her to anyone in need of a top-notch index.


Noalani Terry, MLS, MIA
Professional Indexer and Taxonomist
Montrose, Colorado
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